Monday, April 11, 2011

Confessions Of A Seduction Guru

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Just a short while ago I had an unusually negative experience which requires me to confess.

Actually, I've been building to this negative experience for days, without consciously realizing.

You see, as I have preached time and again, you have to daily practice the attitudes, beliefs, energy and yes (I know this sounds "New Age") patterns of breathing that give you the confidence and charisma to attract women, anytime, anywhere, often without evening opening your mouth first!

But, the past week, I've been so-fired up, attending to some great new ideas for my business that I have not been practicing what I preach.

Yes, your good Old Guru of Poon deserves a well placed kick in his ass for being a hypocrite and NOT practicing.

Well, today I got that kick.

You see, when I got up today, I just wasn't feeling "right". I was tired, cranky, not in touch with my usual energy, and as a result, when I was "sarging" this morning, having my daily Starbucks coffee

Every Sarge Fell Flat!

Yes, I confess. Even your Guru is a human and has to practice, all the time, to stay in the best state of mind.

And your state of mind; your energy, beliefs and the attitude your project are very important.

They are like the conductive medium; the wire if you will-across which you send the electricity of your spoken words.

So don't be a goof like me. Practice what I teach you, daily. Do the breathing, the meditation, and the visualizations daily(and take care of your body with some good exercise too) and you will see daily results that will astonish you.

And if you want to find out more about how to radiate a confidence, charisma and energy that has women approaching you, just go right here:

You'll learn a quick, ten minute, daily breathing/energy/visualizing ritual that will make you a true winner with women. And don't be a lazy, good-for-nuthin' ass like your Guru sometimes is.


Piece and peace,


P.S. If you already radiate with confidence and just want some amazing ways to meet women, anytime, anywhere, get my most current popular product that the students are raving about-my Gold Walk Up DVD.

Just go here:

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Going For The First Kiss

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Here is an important question I got the other day via email. (By the way, feel free to write me with your questions and testimonials!)

"Hi Guys

It's midnight on a rainy Monday in old London Town. I've just got back in from an evening out with a very attractive young lady and I'm a bit frustrated.

I met Cath last year on holiday. When we first met we quite fancied each other, but by the end of the holiday, for various reasons, we weren't seeing eye to eye. Relationship at this point was purely platonic.

We met up again and I ran several patterns from the Home Study Course(

At several points when she was in trance I leaned in and she responded very favorably by smiling and leaning in to me.

At the end of the evening I walked her back to her car, gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we agreed to meet again.

All well and good? If that's the case why do I feel like I managed to capture her imagination but didn't lead it very well?

It seems to be a bit of a theme with me at the moment. I go out, meet quite a few women, get into great conversations with them. Steer these towards SS themes but don't seem to be able lead them to places which let them feel interested or comfortable enough to want to go any further.

I sort of feel like I'm sooooo close. But not quite there? I'm managing to put myself in a scoring position, but can't quite create the opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net.

Suggestions, support and encouragement most welcome.

TR London, England"

Ok, TR. Good going, so far. You are using patterns and getting some strong, favorable responses.

Here is where you screwed it up:


What is this stuff about waiting to walk her back to her car?

You have to learn to strike while the iron is hot.

If you see her leaning into you, that's a huge NON-VERBAL SIGNAL that is screaming out: KISS ME, STUPID!

The more important issue is, you seem to be putting Speed Seduction® through a dating framework.

What I mean by that is, even though you are using the patterns and getting great responses, you are still thinking in terms of traditional dating when it comes to making your move.

You are still thinking you have to wait til the end of the evening, etc etc.

Get that traditional "dating" programming out of your head.

When you capture and lead a woman's imagination and emotions, they will be ready for action, far more quickly than you would ever get through traditional dating.

Peace and piece,


P.S. Want to enjoy fantastic success with amazing women, without resorting to traditional dating, stupid "dating tips", trite "dating advice", canned "pick up lines" and the rest of that nonsense?

Get women hot for you, fast and easy, and leave traditional dating behind for good. Just go here:

Meet women, anytime, anywhere and never worry about what to say. Check out the amazing Gold Walk Up DVD and learn the 4 approach positions that will have you easily approaching women any time and never have to think about what comes out of your mouth:

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ouch, That Hurt

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

The other day, I was doing some fabulous Combat Conditioning exercises, as taught by the incredible Matt Furey.

Being a fairly sedentary (a big word that means lazy ass) person, having a quick, fun work-out that I can do that actually makes me functionally fit, really feels good.

But today, contrary to Matt's advice, I over did it a bit, and as a result, I'm pretty sore.

Now, what in the world does this have to do with pulling hot women?

Simply this; in the beginning, when starting something new, pace yourself.

Look, as a human, you can learn to do pretty much anything, IF you do things gradually.

Too many guys, when they order their Speed Seduction Home Study Course( TRY to jump in and do the hardest stuff first.

For example, even if they haven't had a woman in a decade or even talked to one in the same length of time, they want to go right out, approach the hottest woman in town, and try to get her in the sack in a matter of minutes.

Now, far be it from me to discourage ambition, and using Speed Seduction® you can and will get these kind of results.

But my stronger suggestion is: start out slow. Take one or two basic concepts from the course, and apply them every day. Even if you only improve 1 percent a day, by the end of a couple of months, you'll be bouncing from girl to girl like a rabbit on a double frappucinno mocha latte, extra whip!

Anyway, if you want the power, confidence and charm to pick the women you choose, instead of relying on canned pick-up lines, trite dating tips and stupid dating advice, why don't you learn to throw dating away and get the women you want jumping on you before you even go out? Thousands of guys around the world are doing so right now, and the first step is going right here:

Piece and peace,


P.S. If you are already smoking the tuna like crazy with your Home Study Course, it's time to step up to the advanced leagues and get my most powerful of all seduction courses.

Just go here:

and check out my Secrets of Hyper-Response video/DVD series.

P.P.S. I'm not kidding. This one is NOT for beginners and you will not be allowed to order it unless you already own a Home Study Course.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

200 Women In One Night!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Only one thing pleases me more to hear that a student is kicking ass and taking names.

What could please me more than that, you ask?

No, not the entire UCLA Women's Volleyball team suddenly deciding that hugging me nasty in the dark is an obsession they HAVE to fulfill (Although I do love the UCLA Women's Volleyball team!)

No, what pleases me most is hearing that a student is actually helping out a fellow student to get amazing results.

Look: when I think back to what an incredibly tongue-tied, nerve-wracked, chicken-chokin' loser I used to be with women, it makes me want to cry.

So, when a student gets marvelous results, and then helps another student achieve the same, well, I'm about as proud as a hillbilly daddy in a roomful of virgin 13 year olds!

So, imagine my good feelings when I got the following email:

Hi Ross,

I thought the story of what happened last night might be interesting for Some of you - especially the newer SS students.

After the London seminar the Irish lads decided that we should get together and start to really push these skills forward.

After a number of bars we were all off the mark and had already got some great responses. Things were off to a great start - the guys had gone from not being able to open, to using blurt-outs, intuitive openers, humorous approaches, and some great sincerity, which we learned from the Gold Walk Ups DVD

The more women that were opened, the further the old beliefs faded. THE WOMEN LOVED THESE CHARMING GUYS.

I helped one student, Dan, with some of the exercises on your Fear Into Charisma DVD

Here is the REALLY INTERESTING THING - he got some great smiles, some kino from these women, and out of about 50 approached women, only 2 semi negative responses. The energy was grounded before going out, and his state, energy, and awareness were totally controlled and supercharged.

After this, women were approaching him, and there was no more fear of approaches - he hit the100 openers mark by the end of the night.

Then came Selig.

This guy was amazing, he really got into the ritual before hand, and we reversed some of the energy surrounding his former fear of clubs when we arrived at the place.

After a little while Selig had hit 60 approaches. At this stage there was no stopping him.

Selig had moved from being afraid to speak to women, to a guy who was magnetic, charming, intuitive, and dynamic in a little under 5 hours. He broke the 100 approaches mark by the end of the night.

I'm sure the guys will have their own stories to post in more detail, but suffice to say, approaches are no longer a problem.

John Stein - Cork, Ireland

John, what can I say? A huge "right on" for helping out
your fellow Speed Seduction ® students. May you always find women with warm hearts, firm bods, and lots of moist relief!

Peace and piece,


P.S. Want to overcome YOUR fear of approaching women and know the 4 different ways to meet them anytime, anywhere, and never worry about what to say? Then check out:


And let me know when you top meeting 100 women a night!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Off Auto-Pilot And Becoming Super-Free And Aware!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

As you know, the incredible, life-changing Speed Life seminar comes up in October/November in a very sunny place. (Yes, it really is as beautiful as all the pictures and yes, the pretty girls really DO love foreigners!)

Anyway, since these seminars promise to be almost overwhelming in the amount of personal improvement and personal influence methods and secrets, I wanted to give you the jump-start by giving you some drills you can get started on RIGHT NOW!

These aren't required.

But they will help you hit the ground running when you get here.

BTW, if you haven't booked a room and want some advice on that, call Yates: 1-903-482-1034)

Anyway, as I have said over and over, one of the major keys to living the life of your dreams is...

.......Recognizing and Getting Off Of Auto-Pilot!

Remember, most people are walking around IN TRANCE. And even more importantly, the trances they walk around in...trances of fear..of limitation...of doubt of lack....

..............Really Do Not Serve Them!

Actually, these trances DO serve someone. They serve the "power structure" that profits and feeds off of a society of weak, programmed, obedient and fearful robots, who will look to the "authorities" on how to live an "ok" life.

Getting Off Of Autopilot..Now..Today!

One of the big pieces of getting off of autopilot and having real choice, is becoming aware of your fixed patterns of perception, response, action, etc.

To develop this "meta" awareness is a powerful tool to peel away old, trapped ways of thinking, acting and responding and believing. It makes it MUCH easier to move up ANY learning curve for any skill set.

You see, technical skill IS important. But many people offer fairly good models for technical skill(how to sell, how to seduce, how to get fit, etc) in different areas of life, yet few people get real changes or the huge leaps they want from following this advice.

Sometimes, the advice is lacking(as is the case with my rip-off, cheap-jack, bullshit imitators and "competitors")

But just as often, even with good "advice" and good model for new technical skills, the person trying to follow this advice has a bigger problem: they want to really change an area of life that has been deeply emotionally challenging, evoking lots of fear, self-doubt, personal limits etc.

What can often happen is that the new advice, new skills, new ways of thinking, feeling, acting and believing are filtered THROUGH the old emotions, experiences, beliefs, etc

This means that people seldom consistently will act out the new skills from the right frame of mind. They will be fighting themselves, their old habits, tendencies, etc.

A metaphor I use is, if I give you a pair of glasses dipped in dog shit, EVERYTHING WILL LOOK BROWN. That is why methods that assist in building clear, unfettered awareness can help us keep old responses, beliefs, behaviors, choices at bay and "in the freezer" LONG enough for new way to take hold, and long enough for us to move up new learning curves because we can see the new skills, beliefs, responses THROUGH CLEAR EYES

This is doubly necessary when the new ways are very different from the old ways and require major shifts. Remember, the further something stands from how you are used to acting, thinking, feeling and believing, the greater the chance for HUGE leaps. Also, the greater the chance for old ways to leap back up, unless you have a practice and discipline to deal with them.

I'll say that again: practice and discipline. Onward... Anything you do to bring your habitual patterns into your awareness(without anger, fear or reaction) is useful. This is why I am challenging you to go from one extreme to another and to pay attention to flows of feeling that trigger all of it; the awareness of feeling flow is key to knowing when you are slipping into old patterns of behavior and is also key to designing in NEW ones!

How To Use Breath And Energy To Immediately Set You Free!

Does this make sense? Now, here is the next exercise to do: As you know, I talk alot about a spot on the body located about 2-3 inches below the navel, between the navel and the public bone. If you've studied any martial arts, occult or "esoteric" disciplines, this spot is called different names: the kanda, the t'an t'ien, the hara, etc. Without getting into intricate explanations, you just need to view it as a major power center in the body and a major awareness center as well. So....stand upright. Feet planted about 2 feet apart. Take a deep inhale, and as you do, imagine the breath is moving in a soft line of energy feeling down the front of your body and swirling in the t'an t'ien. It doesn't matter if it is clockwise or counter-clockwise. Find out which works best for you.

Exhale by pulling your belly toward your spine and as you do, send strong line of energy from the small of your back up the center of your spine, out through the top of your head.

(By the way, you can go to the website and see a free video that will show you exactly how to do this...

Click that link. Scroll down the page to the second to the last video. You will see me demonstrating this with myself and teaching it to a student.

And if you want to learn more about doing this, I highly recommend my Fear Into Charisma video/DVD. Just click here to find out more:


Do this breath about ten times. you go through your day, whenever you talk to people, focus on that inhale going to the hara, and put your focus and awareness there as you feel the energy swirl. You don't need to work about the exhale, except when you are alone, doing the ten breaths.

Out in the world, just focus on your awareness and breath in the hara. Notice how it changes your awareness and perception of people. Don't change anything else in your behavior. Just notice what you notice:

What patterns of response/behavior do you notice in yourself? What patterns of response/behavior can you notice in yourself, BEFORE they actually get manifested in your behavior...can you catch some "auto-pilots" that are now just considerations that you can actually put aside? Don't try to MAKE this happen..just notice if it does?

What patterns of response/behavior do you notice in other people? What specifically do you notice about how they respond to authority/power and how they exert authority/power with others? Can you notice which of their behaviors are "auto-pilot" and which appear more freely chosen?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you at Speed Life, and I can't wait to also introduce you to the "Super-Team" of other amazing trainers.

Peace and Piece,

P.S. In the event that you have NOT yet signed up for Speed Life... jeez...I don't know when or even IF I'll ever assemble this great a team of super-trainers again. You'd better call Yates NOW for more information: 1-580-366-5820. Or email him at

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The *FORCE* Is With You ... To Get Hot Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I have to make a silly confession: I am going to stood in
line for hours to see the latest "Star Wars" movie.

Now, I realize that being a "geek" at heart, those who know
me personally wouldn't be at all surprised.

But you, my dear students, should be aware, that one reason
I love Star Wars is…

I Really Do Believe In "The Force".

No, not necessarily something as radical as Master Yoda
levitating a space ship.

But I DO believe in "The Force" of breath, intent,
awareness, belief and skill-the skill of capturing and leading
the imagination and emotions-to help you have all the success
with women you could ever want.

Why do I believe this?


To learn how to master your energy, attitude and beliefs,
with women, there is nothing better than my Fear to Charisma
DVD. Master the "Force" and get yours now. Click right here:

For those of you who already are powerful in the "Force",
you can accelerate your "Jedi" training of your beliefs, energy,
attitude and intention, with my Beyond Confidence DVD's. Get
yours now at:


Not just because I've seen it in my own life, over and over.

But more importantly, because of what you, my students, tell
me and have told me ever day, for the past dozen years about the
amazing transformation the Speed Seduction® "Force" has allowed
you to enjoy in your lives.

From guys who have never had a girlfriend their entire adult
lives, turning it around and having multiple women. Or guys who have had to settle for what they could get, now enjoying who they really want. To guys lifting years of depression and fear in weeks or even days and going back to enjoying life.

My friend, if you really want to learn to be a true "Jedi"
in the world of women, and having mastery of life as well, keeping working on those important things-

Learning to control and design your beliefs, attitude,
awareness, energy and skills.

The Power Of Asking The Right Questions

Finally, I want to speak about the most "Jedi" of "Jedi"
ideas. Something Yoda would surely agree with, preach and teach.

It's about the qualities you bring to your learning.

That is asking yourself a radical question, "What is the quality I want to bring to this challenge of mastering seduction?

What is the quality of energy,attitude, feeling and vibe I want to bring with me as I move towards mastery of these skills?"

You see, part of being a true seduction "Jedi" is knowing
how to ask the right questions.

And I know, many of you might ask, "What do I really want to
be able to do with Speed Seduction®? How can I make Speed
Seduction® most quickly and easily work for me?"

Good questions.

But the best question is: what quality do I want to bring to
my efforts as I move more and more every day toward mastery?

Do you want to make it about desperately and fearfully
trying to master new skills and bring your old anxiety and
fears with you?

"That, my friend, to the Dark Side, leads".

My friend, the good side of the Force is all about bring the
right qualities along with you as you move up the ladder of success with women, and about the daily practices that support those qualities.

Will you treat yourself with compassion, patience, and have
the ability to be kind to yourself when you trip over your "light saber" the first few times you try this stuff?

When you practice with women, will you do it from a place
of being "afraid of getting caught?" Or hoping she will like you?

Or can you do it from a place of believing, "no matter what
happens with this woman, I'll have fun and learn what I need to
succeed, if not now then surely sooner or later. I can always
have fun and learn!"

Can you find a place of compassion and clarity in your
mind, where you can daily give yourself credit for what you did
right, calmly correct mistakes, and mentally rehearse doing it

Can you daily bring consistency, patience, and vision to
where you want to go even when things are at first not going

The experience of thousands of students says, you can.

And that you can have pleasure, enjoyment, power and fun with women beyond your wildest dreams..AND stay on the "Good" Side of the Force!

To which I say, "right on".

Peace and piece,


P.S. Here is a beautiful testimonial from a student who has
truly become a "Jedi" of Speed Seduction®. What does he know that you yet don't, but could rapidly learn as he did from my Magick/PI course? Get yours here, right now:

Here is his un-edited letter, with his full real name, state
and city:

Hi Ross,

I wrote you a couple of months ago about my experiences with
your Core responsive videos. Now I'm working with your Magick
Influence set and am very impressed. I've worked with various forms of ritual work in the past ( from pagan to chaos ) but couldn't get them off the ground. The energy exercises really do make the difference. People, and opportunities are coming at me very quickly these days. I'm making more money, and women are calling me and seeking to spend time with me. Energy really makes the difference.

I've been with you since 93 and I'm a fan of the old SS.
That's for certain. However these last 2 sets, (magick and core
responsiveness) are at what I believe will be the beginning of a
new model not only for seduction, but for real and lasting change for anyone with an open mind and the good sense to use it.

As I said in my last email to you, the old SS got me laid.
It got me over many of my fears, illusions and resentment toward
women. This in and of itself was a magickal act lol !!!!But there was always a sense of labor involved in doing the old SS, if I'm going to be honest. And I had to evaluate whether a female was worth the effort of doing SS.

However with the new SS I really enjoy women now. In fact I
love a number of them these days. Women are now easy to be around. Their energy doesn't scare me or piss me off as it did in the past. I really get that I'm not a beggar seeking sexual favors, buy a giver of incredible gifts. One being the gift of my energy and two being the ability to open her emotions to a higher dimension of self understanding and intimacy. As result I'm getting a lot of female attention. I'm getting priority and loyalty from women as well as flirtation. Before the old SS, back in the old shitty days, I was either used or ignored by women. What a fucking difference!!!

I've wondered for awhile if SS could be taken to the place
in which average men using the system could get the same attention from women that rock stars, movie stars and professional athletes enjoy.In other words the groupie phenomenon. I think you're very close to opening us up to that. There are days lately when that's how it feels:)

Right now I'm deciding which women I want to take things
further with. I have options I didn't have before. Not too long
ago I would have f***ed the first woman who responded to my Sarge. My intuition is guiding me to an extent as well.

On the career level, I was given a lucrative opportunity
that has put me around wealthy people and their money. Oddly enough, I had no experience in this field, but the person who
hired me likes me now. Wild huh?

Anyway I bought a seat for your July magick seminar. So
I'll see you then.

Ross, Thank You for your Guts, Genius, and Friendship.

Art Simkins Riverside, Ca

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Astonishing Use of Speed Seduction®!!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the very great joys for me in teaching this technology Is how my very best and brightest students will use it, NOT just for getting hot women, but in other areas of life.

When tools and ways of thinking work beyond a specific area, but can be adopted for many of life's challenges, you KNOW you are on to something.

So I got this email I HAD to share about how I guy took what he learned and used to control his fear in a VERY stressful situation.

Remember, as you read this, what I have said time and again:


From: Chris Williams To: Subject: Letter from a very satisfied customer

Good morning Mr. Jeffries,

I just now got back from an amazing experience, and I wanted to thank you for your part in it.

I got home from the hospital a few hours ago after having our first baby. While it is true that I meet my wife using the tools I developed with the Basic SS Home Study course in 1999, that is not the reason I am writing.

I bought the Home Study Course last spring, and one of the many great things I learned from that was handling fear. My word when I have the feelings that I used to call fear is "texhad". This re-frames the sensations I have in body that I used to call feeling fear as being anticipation of a "thrilling, exciting adventure".

Texhad was the word that kept going through my mind as I was driving my wife to the hospital. When we arrived there, they had some challenging news for us. The baby already had her first bowel movement and had contaminated the amniotic fluid. In technical terms, the danger was that she would aspirate the merconium. This can be very serious. One of my good friend's son did this, and he was in the neo-natal intensive care for a week before they were sure he would live.

While my wife was crying when we heard this news, I discovered that I did not automatically react. Instead of immediately allowing my feelings to be effected by this news, I was able to get into a monitoring state and cause my response. I was able to choose that this was going to the adventure part of the day's "thrilling, exciting adventure", and I can honestly
say that I was never scared at any time.

Twenty-four hours later when our OB announced that my wife was exhausted after three hours of pushing and we had to go to the OR for a C-section, I turned down another chance to be scared. I was able to ride out the adventure, strongly support my wife without a trace of doubt of fear in my reactions, and at the end we were rewarded with a beautiful and perfectly healthy
baby girl.

The main thing I have learned from this is that the end result was almost certainly going to be the same either way. The only difference was going to be what sort of ride I took getting from the beginning to the end. I chose to have fun, and so I did.

I honestly thank you for that.

Your very grateful client,

Chris Williams

Dear Chris,

Now, what can you say when you get fan-mail like THAT? Except that being a leader; someone who is in control of HIMSELF, instead of obsessively trying to control women, is what REALLY attracts great women into your life AND makes you worthwhile being in theirs! That's a win-win for EVERYONE!

That's it for this issue.

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries

P.S. You can learn to have the same self-control, peace of mind, and natural leadership that makes you a great mate AND attract hot women! Just go to:

This newsletter, and all of its contents are
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Super-Success Issue

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I am interrupting the normal flow of Speed Seduction(R) newsletters to bring you a very important message that I feel simply CANNOT wait.

You see, from time to time, I get incredible testimonials from students who are using the SS material to truly.....

...Change Their Lives And KICK BUTT WITH WOMEN!

Yesterday, I got the following email from Ryan D, and I feel I had to share it with you because his results are not only dramatic, but more importantly...

.....He Goes Into Which Specific Techniques Got What Specific Results With The Women He Really Wanted!

So, here, unedited, is the testimonial from Ryan. And if YOU want to get the results he is getting, you can always to to:

Here it is:

I have been using Ross's material since 1997, after a woman whom I thought I had loved totally rejected me. I was 20 at the time.

Sitting in a pool of rejection and self-doubt, I did what my parents had taught me to do in any type of failure: learn as much as you can about the subject and re-attack. I started to read anything and everything I could on meeting and dating women. Unfortunately, most of the material out there is written by touchy-feely types (mostly women or emasculated men) and fails to get down to a REAL way to bridge the communication gap between men and women. In one such article, I did read something that one of the authors said that modern men need to learn more about the art of "seduction". That word struck a chord somewhere in one of my subconscious harmonics, and I became very interested in the idea o f seduction. Up until then, everyone had been telling me "just be yourself", "it has to just happen", "it happens when you are not looking", and "just be patient". This idea of "seduction" implied to me that a process and techniques actually existed to get the things I wanted and at the same time give the things women wanted to them. It wasn't long before I simply typed into my web-browser, and I was opened up to the world of Speed Seduction. When the student is ready, the master appears.

I bought the first book "How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed", and simply using techniques to elicit deeper structures in a person's thought processes during conversation, I met a wonderful young lady on the my flight home for Christmas Break. We lived in totally different parts of the world, but that didn't stop her from
driving four hours from New Jersey to see me when a trip brought me to Washington, D.C., and this is just from a plane conversation, and a few emails. I was hooked. I bought all the products; I listened to the home-study courses again and again. I became known as "the pick-up artist" in my circle of friends.

Which is not to say that learning how to meet and seduce women was not a difficult process, even with Ross's tools, it requires a commitment. You get through one layer of your difficult issues (like approaching women), and you find another challenge behind that one. If you find the persistence to get through them all, there are spectacular rewards waiting for you. In the SS-community, though, there are so many others (Ross included) who have been where you are at, and they have gotten through the labyrinth. The path is thoroughly known, and the maps for navigation do exist.

I eventually went to a seminar, and my success just sky-rocketed. One night during the seminar, just for fun, I decided to try and use the SS-tools to have the singer at a blues club invite me to come up on stage to sing. I started off by getting into a very good rapport with her, and she approached me after the first set was done. I eventually said to her, "if you were to ask me nicely, I might be convinced to come up and sing." She quickly convinced the rest of the band. While on stage, I focused all my energy on connecting with the room. I had folks telling me that it was the best version they had ever heard of the song I did (Mustang Sally), people were buying me beer, women were grabbing me and pulling me out on the dance floor. It was incredible.

I could go and brag about all the successes with women I have had, (which have been amazing), like the 20-year-old Japanese cutie that I met at Thanksgiving Dinner at my new boss's house that ended up blowing me in my boss's kitchen about 2 hours after I met her, or the bi-sexual actress I met on Internet that forced me into the back of my 4X4 in the parking lot at Starbucks after our first coffee date, or the amazing-legged Lithuanian girl who would shower me with both gifts and her affection, but the more important thing has been the cascading effects that this has had on all of my life. These tools of Ross and Yates teach you how to look at the world through eyes of possibility. You see how many people are stuck in life, just drifting, and while you may feel sorry for them, you have confidence that will never be you.

I have used this in so many other areas. I was trying to help a girl run faster so she could pass a fitness test for the Air Force, and I got her to create a state for things she really loves doing and then link that state to running. She took three minutes off her time. At one point I was a suspect in a criminal investigation (I didn't do it), and I used rapport strategies and eye-accessing
techniques to get a good rapport with the agents interviewing me. It was so successful that not only were they thoroughly convinced I didn't commit the crime, but the female agent wanted to set me up on a date with her supervisor.

The biggest mistake people make about judging Ross's students is to say that they are a bunch of sleaze balls that want to learn how to manipulate and psychologically subdue women. Based on the two seminars I have attended, I would say that nothing is farther from the truth. The people that I meet at the seminars are a big factor in why I keep going to them (and will continue to into the future). These people are the type of people seriously invested in becoming the best that they can become. Sex and seduction may bring them to this material, but there is so much more to it than that. Most of these men truly love women, but are baffled on how to communicate with them, so that both the men and women involved get the things they want and need (guess what women like sex too!).

Another thing I want to comment on about Ross is that he does have a great deal of heart, and that is so evident in the way he teaches in person. He doesn't set up a grand stage and liken himself to a god or religious figure (like some other people in this field might do). He sets things up on a very personal level. He holds his seminars in modest meeting halls in hotels. He has stools in front, not a stage. He'll go to lunch one-on-one with students, and is infinitely curious about their lives and who they are. He doesn't do this out of ego. He does it because he has a gift, and he loves to teach and give it to others.

There is so much more I can say about the profound effect Ross and Yates have had on my life (and I know they will continue to up into the future), but you really have to sit down and make the choice for yourself. Are you going to pre-disqualify something that you haven't even tried, or are you going to take a chance and try something different that could just change your life? How many of us do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? What if there was another way?

Ryan David,
Albuquerque, NM

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Why aren't YOU getting these results with women?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I just got TWO emails from students reporting their incredible results with women, using my system, and I HAD to share them with you.

As you read them, and imagine enjoying these results for yourself, you will notice that these guys give SPECIFIC descriptions of the techniques they used from my courses (and also give some juicy details about what the women did to and WITH them as a result!)

I want you to get excited as you read these two emails and wonder, WHEN WILL I BUY MY HOME STUDY COURSE SO I CAN ENJOY THESE RESULTS AS WELL?

Here are the emails:

Hi Ross and Everyone,

An amazing story for me. I met this girl who I went to elementary and middle school with through the Internet. We both used to live in Monterey and grew up around each other, but then I moved to another town and 8 years later we meet in another town.

Story- I instant message girl online, talked for a little while and met the following night. She came over here, I introduced cube game to her, then I talked about how I was learning to be a blissnotist, but I didn't go into detail about it until she came over. I think that made her really curious to meet me. Then I read some poetry and used the loop technique from a newsletter that was sent out before. The we started having wild passionate sex.

Well after we had sex she had mentioned Monterey and how she used to live there and I told her I used to live there, then I asked her what school she went to and the school she named was the same school I went to, then I asked her what her name was again and she said it and I told her I knew someone by that name that went to the same school I went to and that the girl I knew by that name had invited me to go to a special birthday celebration she had for her 15th birthday, where she had to dance at the thing.

Well, I told her I remember telling the girl I knew that I wouldn't go to her birthday celebration cause I was supposed to dance with her but that I didn't know how to dance Spanish music. So I never went.

She then paused and looked shock and then she asked me what was the girls last name that I knew and I told her. She suddenly looked even more shocked and then I was kinda shocked by her shockness. She asked me what my name was and well I use a different name when I meet woman from the Internet, but then I told her my first name and last name and she repeated it and said slowly, with a still shocked look on her face "Oh My God, you're so and so"

Then I pulled out pictures and yearbooks and there we were as youngsters in the yearbooks, me looking like a dork, I always thought she was hot being a cheerleader all throughout the whole time we went to school together. So the mood changed from passionate to being really aware.

We both lived on the same street in Monterey too. She lived just a few houses down from mine. I even described her house to her I, what her yard looked like. I went so far back that I took her to a time when I rode by on my bicycle stopped in front of her house as she was walking towards her front door and smiled at her as she stopped for a second and smiled back. I remembered and described what she was wearing that day. Now we're seeing each other. I've elicited her most important values and they just so happen to match mine which is really good.

Thanks, Ross!


Could use a bit of assistance here... I'll try to be brief but that's not my strong-suit - LOL!

Background - I seem to be having a lot of success with neighbors. 1st night closes with both the woman who lives on top of me and the one in front (my complex is a target rich environment!). (Oh, and Ross - the second one happened days after I got back from LA. Thanks again for your time while I was there, and yes, I know she's also "geographically undesirable", but oh so desirable in every other way!)

The fling with the girl on top lasted a few weeks; we're still friends. She was fun and I enjoyed her, but not what I'm looking for long term. The one in front is another matter. She'd be an HB11 on my uncle's scale (a 9 with money!). She's the topic of this post.

I've known her casually for some time. She's very reclusive and hard to get to know; she's lived in front of me for over a year and a half... Does travel a lot with work, but most of the time you'd never know 'cuz when she is home she's rarely seen. Over the past few months I'd seen a bit more of her. She came out with her niece and nephew to play with my dog one day and we had a good conversation. A couple of weeks later, I was out detailing my car and she again came down to chat (very unusual for her!). The following weekend, she was out cleaning HER car and we started chatting, among other things she said that I'd inspired her (one good sign!). She also asked if I knew who lives above her, because they were up all night partying and having sex she couldn't get any sleep. I blushed, smiled sheepishly and said "That was probably actually us" (the other neighbor had been over the night before, and my bedroom is directly behind this one's...). She replied that if was me she wouldn't complain to the complex, but to get on the floor next time 'cuz my bed squeaks. I ended up trading a wax job (on the car, not her - LOL!) in exchange for her taking me to happy hour. A few days after that I left town for a while so didn't get a chance to take her up on the happy hour for a while.

Two days after I got back from my trip (I did some one-on-one counseling in LA with Marilyn Sargent and spent an afternoon with Ross) I ran into her out front. She invited me to come by later to watch a movie, and I countered with her coming to my place since I've got a nice home theater. She agreed and showed up a bit later. We decided just to talk & get to know each other a bit instead of the movie, which culminated in a late night visit to the Jacuzzi and spending the night at her place (hot sex, pussy breath and all!!!). Only two moments of last minute resistance; on the way to the pool I started holding her hand and she said "Wait a minute. We're holding hands! What about Jeannie (other neighbor)?" I replied, "Jeannie said she wants to see other people." which is true, by the way. That settled that. Then, just as we were getting into bed, she goes, "Hold on, we're neighbors! Doesn't that pose a problem for ... wait, I guess not. Nevermind..."
Brother BB


Now what are you looking for? CHRISTMAS! Call right now and get YOUR Home Study Course and enjoy results like these!

Piece and Peace,


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How To *Lock In* Lasting Self-Confidence With Women!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Over the years, I've had a chance to look at what really
makes permanent, large, personal change possible. I've
watched thousands of guys use my methods to go very rapidly
from no confidence with women at all, to ease, power, grace
and fun with all the women they could possibly desire.

And one of the big things they had in common, in addition
to buying and using my products, is…


They didn't just listen to my products once, or give it a
few tries.


They immersed themselves in the material.

In fact, I've gotten many reports of guys going so far as
to have my, videos, cd's and tapes playing all the time in
every room of their house, apartment or hotel, no matter the
time of day, on multiple tape players, VHS's etc.

Other students (including some of my current top guys)
have said that they took long drives out of town, often
hundreds of miles each way, with the tapes or CD's playing the
entire trip.

Now, personally, I don't think I could stand listening to
my own voice that much!

But immersing yourself in the material, in fact, immersing
yourself when it comes to any truly new way of thinking and
feeling and acting, is probably…

.................A Damn Fine Idea!

Remember, one of my key rules for success and power with
women, which I've repeated over and over:

Use Your Language To Capture And Lead Her Imagination And


If you want incredible success with women, why not purchase
your Speed Seduction® Home Study Course today? Just go to:

Well, the same is true with changing yourself. You've got
to learn to capture and lead your own imagination and emotions
on a consistent basis to take you where you really want to
go! And then follow up with your external behavior, in the
real world, with women!

Anyway, yesterday I got an email from someone who brought
up this very issue. So let's here from this devoted

"Hey Ross, I know you probably get a million emails a day,
but I felt the need to take the time to thank you for the work
you've put in to Speed Seduction and the Unstoppable
Confidence series. I've only received SS 2 days ago, but just
by listening to your exercises on visualization and overcoming
fear and shyness, I can already tell it's having an effect on
the way I perceive myself.

If you happen to get through this and feel like replying,
I'm just wondering if it's normal to feel sort of...hollow, or
feel almost a blank emptiness after doing these exercises?
Seriously, after I listen and study for a while I feel like
I've completely erased a part of myself and it takes a little
getting used to but goes away after a while. Any idea what
I'm talking about, or am I just convincing myself that I
should feel different?

Again, thanks a million and I promise to study hard and
practice as often as I possibly can. :)

-Tim T. New Castle, PA "


Thanks for the kind words. I personally love the
Unstoppable Confidence tapes. They are one of our all time
best sellers, and still, over a decade after I created them in
1994, they stand up as one of my finest products.

While it's great that only after 2 days you are already
noticing some good effects, bear in mind that it takes a while
for big changes to take hold and feel real.

That's not to say you aren't changing already. You are.
It just takes a while for new feelings, new thoughts and new
behaviors to "feel like the real you". Most studies show
that, in fact, the time period for new ways of thinking,
feeling and acting to "set" and feel "natural" is 21 days.

My suggestion is to keep on listening to the UC Tapes and
keep doing the exercises. It takes some consistent(but not
heroic or hard) effort to get change going. And for goodness
sakes, make sure you are a member of the Speed Seduction
on-line discussion group where you can get 24 hour support,
encouragement and ANSWERS to your questions! Yours for free
when you buy your Delux or Basic Home Study Course. Just click
here at:

That's it for this issue. Keep practicing, keep capturing
imagination and emotion (your own and womens') and keep on
keeping on!

Peace and piece,


P.S. Your success with women is waiting for you. Just go to:

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without charge.

Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Get Unstuck And Going Strong With Speed Seduction®!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Many times, beginning students have said or written to me,
"I'm just having trouble getting started with this stuff. It's
not that I'm really shy or's just that this way of
talking seems SO strange to me."

Now listen; I am very aware that a first introduction to
Speed Seduction® can seem overwhelming and also a little, well,

After all, if a guy walked up to you and talked to you the
way I am teaching you to talk to women, you'd probably call the
cops or punch him in the mouth. Perhaps if you were an extra
compassionate person, you'd refer him to a mental health clinic
for counseling.

Look, I'm very, very aware that the ways I'm teaching you to
communicate with women seem very strange. Further I'm here to
tell you..



To check out the latest Speed Seduction® products
to super-charge your love life, go to:


Is this a contradiction?? How could something that could
help you have success with women beyond your wildest
fantasies..something that could take that old, rusty stuck door
of not getting anywhere or having to "settle" and...

...Make It Swing Wide Open With Excitement, Passion And The
Connections With They Kind Of Women You've Always Wanted.

Well, here is the secret in a nut-shell: women think about
and process language DIFFERENTLY.

We men tend to process words and language through the left
brain. But scientific studies, using brain scans have shown that
women process the same words and phrases using the left AND
right brains; that the same language that evokes little or no
emotional response from men, evokes massive emotional response
from women.

This means that the language that seems funny, bizarre or
off to you, will be processed by women in a way that opens the
deep, emotional, suggestive structures of their minds.

Now, don't get me wrong. All humans, male or female, are
subject to great emotional response, based on symbols. Just
think of the strong emotions that rush through you when you are
traveling in a foreign land and you see the American flag.(This
could be good or bad, depending what country you are from-since
my students come from all around the world, I have to be

Of when you hear your countries national anthem. Or when you
see the sun finally come out on a clear day after a long bout of
darkness and rain.

These symbols and events evoke emotion, strongly, in ALL
humans. It is simply that women also happen to have strong
responses to language, spoken and written, that we men simply
usually don't.

What does this really mean for you? That if you can push
past your initial responses that this stuff may seem odd or
weird and instead, understand HOW it works, go out and give it a
try, then....

....The Results You Will See Will Astonish You!

A couple of quick metaphors to help you understand this.
When you go fishing, if you were to go fishing, would you bait
the hook with YOUR favorite snack foods because worms or
crawdads would taste bad to you?

No. You would bait it with what the FISH bites on and

Finally, supposing you were driving on a country road, late
at night, and a UFO landed right in front of you. Out stepped an
alien from a very advanced species. You knew that if you could
communicate with him, he would unveil incredible technology to
you that could solve world hunger, bring unlimited wealth,
riches, and happiness to the world, end disease, and make your
own personal dreams come true and more. He could unlock the
answer to any question, but..

He didn't speak a word of any language on earth!

Instead, you had to learn to speak to him in HIS language,
something that seemed at first like gibberish, hard to
pronounce, and not making any sense to you.

Would you refuse his offer of a device that would teach you,
in a few weeks, to speak to him in his own tongue, just because
it felt weird and made no sense to you?

Or would you take his language machine, learn to speak to
him in a way that HE understood and responded to, and...


Now look: women are NOT aliens. But sometimes, the way they
process language, words and emotions can make us FEEL like they
are from another planet. Speed Seduction® will hand you that
universal translator/language machine so you can take them on

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries

P.S. If you want to unstuck yourself and really get kicking
ass with Speed Seduction®, check out this product from
my top student and co-trainer, Dave Riker! It is flying off
our shelves!

This newsletter, and all of its contents are
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Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Turn That *Friend* Into Your Devoted Lover!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

It's truly amazing the questions I get.

I guess since this newsletter goes around the world and
reaches guys from every walk of life, from every kind of
culture, In every age range, you'd think guys have different
problems with women.

But when it comes to women, I've learned, we are pretty much
the same.

We all face pretty much the same challenges.

We are all pretty much trying to figure out the same

Now, here is a question I have seen many times. I'll let the
reader speak in his own voice:

"My name is XXX and I am 18 and from Ireland. I think your
material is absolutely fantastic and it has thought me so many
little things in which you should never, ever do with women! And
for that I thank you most grateful .I don't know where you
learned all of this but it really is great.

I have a problem though, and I know you are probably a very
busy man who won't reply to this but I am going to write it none
the less. I am completely falling for one of my friends. I feel
a very strong sexual attraction towards her, perhaps stronger
than I have ever felt before. I have never been closer to a
girl. We talk for hours, we are very physically close when we
are with each other but I think she may be afraid of abandoning
friendship. This is a serious gripe in my side. Is there
anything I could do effectively to bring out her true feelings
and desires without blatantly asking her? I suppose I want to
know how do you tell when a girl gets close to you whether she
is a friend or something more."

Ok, Mr. X.

The first thing to realize is, even if this girl is totally
attracted to you, to the point where she is having nightly
fantasies about you and her doing the nasty "grown-up" thang,
there is just about zero chance, especially given her young age,
that she is going to make the first physical move.

Sorry, but that just isn't the way it works.

I really wish it weren't the case that we guys almost always
have to go first.

But that is how it works.

So if you were hoping for her to make a move, or tell you
herself, it's unlikely to happen.

Now, even if she is afraid of "losing the friendship" that
doesn't mean you have to let her fears dictate where you or her
are going to go.

As I have said before, one of the key aspects of being a
leader with women, is to see where they are at, without having
to go there for yourself.

That is, you can understand her emotions, without having to
take them on for yourself.

Her fear is just that; H-E-R-S.

Stand your ground, and set the lead

Does that make sense?

Now, having set that, there are some things you can do to
accelerate this sexually and see just where you really stand.

First of all, let me tell you what I do NOT recommend.

I do NOT recommend suddenly grabbing and kissing her.


It's too rough a jump.

To go from zero contact to erotic contact(like kissing) is
just too abrupt.

So I would recommend you do some testing of her physical
boundaries first.

Now, it just so happens, women have 3 "erotic hot spots"
that seem like totally innocent places to touch.

These are:

1. The back of the neck 2. The small of the back 3. The
palm(and thumb)

(By the way, if you want to see free video clips of me
demonstrating the first two spots on a very hot female subject,
just go to:

Anyway, here is what you can do:

When you are talking to her, get up to go to the bathroom,
but as you do, reach out, and with the palm of your hand, gently
rub the back of your neck(as I illustrate on the free video on
the website).

Notice her response. If she inhales sharply, moans with
pleasure, melts under your touch, then you are on your way!

Another thing you can do is to offer to read her palm.
Don't' ask me how to do palm reading; go to the library and get
a book on it.

Anyway, you can mostly make it up. Tell her her palm shows
she is lonely. Trace your finger on her palm and tell her that
her love line is very strong, that she has strong desires.
Explain also that the palm is a strong energy center, then take
your thumb and rub her palm with your thumb.

If you see her get the "doggy dinner bowl" look; the look
that says, "kiss me now" then lean in and kiss her! If she pulls
back, don't apologize! Just look at her and say, "hmmm…it just
seemed like you needed it"!

Another thing to do(also illustrated on the website) is to
put your palm briefly on the small of her back when you are
walking somewhere. Don't keep it there. Just use it to guide her
briefly and then take it away. The small of the back is a strong
sexual energy center.

The best advice is: learn from this. Don't be too attached
to this outcome with this girl. Remember this belief;

I either get what I want, or learn what I need to in order
to get what I want or even BETTER, next time.

If you see all of this through the filter of THAT belief,
you will do way better with this girl than if you HAVE to "win".

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

Piece and Peace,


P.S. Want real success with women? Your Speed Seduction(R) Home Study course is waiting for you! Go here, now:

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Monday, January 17, 2011

When To Be Sexually Aggressive With Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the more common scenarios I get presented with is
students who are good at some of the stages of seduction, but
tend to choke at “the closing”.

That is, they are good at the pick-up, good at the middle
stage, even good at getting a lady to make out with them.

But somehow, when it comes to “going for the goods”, they
drop the ball.

In fact, just recently, I received the following email from
a student:

"Ross, The last two newsletters were awesome.

I have had your home study course for a while, but have been
tripping over my own dick for the last year.

I feel like I am developing rapport and getting women in the
state of mind that I want them, but I have also missed
opportunities because I am used to being "shy" to make the move.

My most recent missed opportunity occurred with a nice
looking 18 year old. I banged her mom using the blammo pattern,
and then her mom set me up with her daughter.

I did the discovery channel pattern with the daughter and
she kissed me. I still didn't close the deal!! Sounds pretty
sad huh?

This kind of interaction has happened time and time again,
even before I bought your course.

The strange thing is that most of these women seem upset
after the fact. I am willing to do what you outlined in the new
letters in order to become a more calm and confident version of
myself, and realize the opportunity when it happens, and not
after the fact.

Am I the only student you have had that can't close the deal
when the girl kisses him?

Thank you in advance for your response."

Your humble student,
Paul Ruggerio, Eaton Rapids, MI

Ok, Paul, and all of the rest of you who may have this

Let’s get this clear: just because a woman is kissing us and
making out with us, does NOT mean she is sufficiently turned on
or ready, in her own mind, to “dip the donkey”.

In fact, I have learned that many women need alternating
periods of being heated up, then cooled down, then heated up
even more strongly, when it comes to getting physical.

In hypnosis, we call this fractionation. Simply put, you
put someone in a trance, then take them out again. When you put
them back in, they go back in deeper than the previous time.
Each time you take them out of the trance it builds potential to
have a stronger trance response when you put them back in.

I think many, if not MOST women, are this way, with being
physically turned on. If you make out with them, raise them to a
plateau of excitement, then slow down and back up a bit, they
will be FAR more receptive when you turn the heat back on.

So usually, when you start making out with a woman, it’s
actually a good idea to get her sizzling for about ten minutes,
then drop back down a level. If you are at “third base” back off
to light kissing. Even take a break, go to the bathroom, and
come back. Or move her to a different part of the house, and
then resume.

We men are like rockets with our excitement: we take off
straight up. Women respond better with zigs and zags.

Now, as for why this student didn’t get more aggressive, I
think often it is because we are shocked that the patterns
actually work, even more so on women that are hotter and younger
than we are used to getting.

Over the years I have seen this happen with many students:
the first few times they try Speed Seduction® they do NOT expect
it to work! And when it does, they don’t know quite what to do.
As if suddenly you are holding a ten million dollar lottery
ticket in your hand and you are staring at the numbers because
you can’t believe you won!

I remember one story in particular, about a student who had
just gotten his Home Study Course and used some patterns on an
attractive woman at his church social.

She insisted they go out to the parking lot and then she
jumped all over him, performed some “oral fun” on him, and then
said, “Bang me. Put me on the hood of the car and bang me.”

The student said, “But the pastor is going to be come out
with the congregation any minute!”

She said, “I don’t the pastor to bang me! I want YOU to bang

Now, this guy was so shocked, Mr. Pee Pee wouldn’t do the
job, so he wound up having to take a rain check!

The bottom line is, you need to mentally rehearse success!
Literally act out what you will say and do in response to a
woman really wanting you, indeed insisting on having you.

Now, another issue is that sometimes women who are turned on
and do want you will suddenly pull up short and have some last
minute resistance to doing the “grown-up”.

We’ll explore THAT one in the next issue.

‘Til then,

Peace and piece

Ross Jeffries

P.S. You can have all the success with women you’ve ever
wanted right now, by going to:

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Three Students Share Shocking Seduction Success!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the great joys of doing this job is getting the
emails and testimonials from guys just like you who are using
my material to really turn their love lives around and
transform their success with women.

Now, the best ones are from students who are really just
trying things out for the first time, and interestingly
enough, even though they've read the newsletters, understood
the courses and material the first few times they try this
stuff ……

.........They Don't Even Believe It's Going To Work!

No, that wasn't a misprint or a typo. I said they don't
(as in do NOT) believe this stuff is going to work!

In fact, I have seen from my experience, time and time
again, when guys first try this stuff, they usually DON'T
believe in it precisely because it IS so different from the
way 99% of most guys have been taught to think, feel and act
around women.

A Key Understanding If You REALLY Want To Change!

You see, there is a huge paradox in creating real, massive
change, in any area of your life. Once you get this key
understanding, you will be on your way to massive success at
changing virtually anything (and not just with women), no
matter what system or method you might try. So pay attention,
and get this, because here it is it is:

The Methods For Success That Are Closest To What You Are
Already Doing Seem The Easiest To Try, But Offer the Least
Potential For Huge Change , Because They Are So Close To What
You Are Already Thinking, Acting, Believing And Doing!

What this comes down to, is the whole idea of "the comfort
zone". When you stay in your "comfort zone" and just do what
you are used to, it is pretty easy, yet doing what you are
used to (and thinking and believing as you have been used to)
is what has been keeping you stuck.

Thinking, believing and acting very differently can bring
you rapid and massive results, but it CAN at first feel
uncomfortable unless you have some special "technology" to get
you around that "difference".

Anyway, being able to try out brand new ways of doing
things, and to do so with a sense of enjoyment, exploration
and fun, instead of anxiety and fear, is one of the unique
technological breakthroughs that Speed Seduction® brings to
you, in addition to the actual material for meeting and
rapidly turning on women!

SS is the only system that has been offering these tested,
proven tools for self-transformation to men for the past
decade, and I am very proud of that!

So, that out of the way, let me share 2 recent emails from
you, from some happy and successful NEW students:

Ye Gods!

I have to share this with somebody, and I'm afraid you
guys are going to have to take the brunt of it...

I went out tonight on a field trip. I'd spent most [nay,
all...] of my free time over the last few weeks burying
myself in the Basic SS CDs & literature. I'm not ashamed to
admit that I've pranced around my apartment daily, like an
idiot, rehearsing patterns and "Doing the affirmations."

I went out tonight, met some friends in a noisy pub [not
the ideal environment, for sure...], but with the
single-minded determination to try this stuff out for real.

Cutting to the chase: I saw a slim, blonde HB surrounded
by drooling buffoons. Throwing caution to the wind [have you
ever tried doing that?], I dived on in. I caught her eye,
smiled, opened with a bit of low-key banter and she said:

"I am from Germany. My English, it's not very good..."

She was a foreign exchange student who'd only been in the
country for a few weeks.

Needless to say, my initial though was: "Jesus Christ on a
Pogo-Stick! Destiny has truly tied my shoelaces together!" But
within seconds I thought: "Fuggit - let's try this shit out,

So I ran a variation of the Instantaneous Connection
pattern on her. I riffed in some embedded commands. And I
did it all very, very, very slowly. In that terrible mixed-up
syntax that English-speaking people invariably use when
talking to people from other countries. And you know what?
It worked an absolute treat!

We somehow ended up talking about German expletives.
After a few rubbishy attempts at getting my tongue around
[ahem!] the German equivalent of 'Son of a bitch' we moved
onto more fruity translations.

Let's just say, without prompting, she told me what the
German word for "c*nt" is - she made it clear that this wasn't
the 'biological' term, but the taboo variant. And she was
really determined that I got the pronunciation right...

Last orrders arrived, and -without so much as a hint of
supplication -I [slowly, with bad syntax] explained to her
that it was a tragic, shame that our conversation had to end,
and that it was an awful, awful shame that we can't go on
learning new things about each other's language. She reached
into her handbag, pulled out her mobile [cellphone] and
demanded that we exchange numbers...

I'm still in a state of shock. I can't get my hat on.

Must run! I urgently need to check out some
German-English translation sites...

Tomas G, City and state withheld, by request

Dear SS List Brothers,

Just wanted to say hi to everybody on the list & look
forward to a long and learning relationship,

I am new to this and have been applying the Twin Brothers
pattern Ross told us to try after the UK SS seminar this
September 2004,

The other day I used this pattern on a sexy Italian
manageress of a restaurant I had talked to her on a couple of
occasions before this evening, anyway while I was 1/2 way
through I couldn't believe her response, she chose the kisser
rather than someone who makes her laugh & then held my hand
and started to talk about how she felt during sex. I almost
fell of my chair, my colleague couldn't believe it either,
(he's coming to the next seminar) I left it there because I
was punch drunk with the response & delighted that it worked.

I have seen her again and have her number I will let you
know how I get on.


Tim Cooke

London, England

Thanks Tomas and Tim!

Now, do you notice what each of these guys have in common?

Very simple: they had the balls to try something new and
different, without even being sure of the result.

They got the results, by stepping out of their comfort

So how about you, dear reader? How about you?

Til next time,

Peace and Piece,


P.S. Get results like these guys and better by getting
your Speed Seduction® Home Study course at:

This newsletter, and all of its contents are
copyright 2004, Ross Jeffries. However this
newsletter may be reprinted and re-used in
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 Power Attitudes To Skyrocket Your Success With Women!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

It's been said that "attitude" determines your "altitude".
In other words, the way you THINK about yourself and a subject
will be as important as what you do.

Well, let's not knock doing the right thing. Effective
action, especially with women, is REQUIRED.

However, your attitude is a big part of how attractive women
will find you. You can consider your attitude to be like the
conductive medium through which the electricity of your BEHAVIOR
will flow. If we take electric current and try to pass it

a. A sheet of cardboard

b. A sheet of copper foil

Which will conduct the current best? Of course, you don't
need to be a physics major to answer: the copper foil. Just so,
your attitude with WOMEN will determine just how well your
"moves" are received. Doesn't that make sense?

With that in mind I give you:

POWER ATTITUDES for ultimate success with women.

1. Being with me is the best possible choice any woman can

Now, can you prove that this is true? No, of course not. It
isn't a factual statement about an objective truth; it's a
position you choose to come from. Now, never verbalize this
attitude, for Christ sake. Don’t get right in a woman's face and
say, "being with me is the best choice you can make, baby. But
show it in how you act.

2. I consistently display the willingness to walk away.

This is one MOST "chumps" miss. You see, if a woman doesn't
get, somewhere in her mind, that she could POSSIBLY do something
to lose you, she will never really feel deep passion for you.

If you are ALWAYS there for her, no matter what, then in
the back of her mind, she will de-value you, to a greater or
lesser degree. Somewhere, somehow, in the back of her mind (or
even the front) she must realize that she COULD one day lose

3. I give a woman a little bit of what she wants, and then
pull back and make her work for more.

As sad as it seems, if you are too giving to a woman, too
soon, you come off as hungry and needy and she just winds up
dumping you. You see, guys who are successful with women give a
free sample, but nice guy losers give away the store. You must,
no MUST learn to say "no", make yourself a little scarce and
unavailable, and keep her a little bit in doubt.

4. I always come from the place of being determined to do
what works.

So many times I've had people whine to me, "Why can't I just
be myself?" What that really means is, "I want to be lazy and do
what I've always done all along, even though it doesn't work!"

Look, to really win big in life, you have to be consistent.
And that means applying these principles, all the time, even
when you don't particularly feel like it, and especially if you
are in a slump.

5. I never attach excess meaning to winning or losing with

I can (and will) do a whole issue on this one, but basically
what I mean is to realize that if a woman accepts you, it
doesn't mean that the next one will, so stay on your toes, and
don't get lazy or sloppy. (See item #4 directly above)

And if she rejects you, it just means that the approach you
tried, at this particular time, with this particular woman,
hasn't worked...yet. It might work at another time with her, or
you may just need another approach. Even if it doesn't, as I
once told a friend of mine who only thought he saw me get
rejected... Dan, I never get rejected. I only discover if a
woman has good taste!!

6. I don't need to win all the time; I size up a woman's
potential and either go for it or move on and cut my losses

Sometimes the best choice is just to say, "adios" and move
on. When you realize that you don't have to win all the time,
and then it takes the pressure off and you become much more
relaxed. Ironically, and paradoxically, this almost always leads
to your winning far more often than you ever imagined

7. I never know what physical type a woman will go for so I
always for it congruently and powerfully.

Listen: women are much more individualistic in what they
like, physically speaking. I once had a gorgeous young thing
tell me that if Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise asked her out, she'd
say, "no" because she only liked tall, thin black men!! You just
don't know, so go for it anyway.

Aren't those just great? Can you imagine how great you'll do
with women when you have these attitudes down and are
manifesting them in your life?

Now, speaking of manifestation, I just had to include this
email testimonial I just recently received:

Dear Ross, Well my "dream girl" girlfriend who is ten years
younger then me proposed to me on Chritsmas Eve. I said yes of
course. The beautiful thing about SS is that it gives you the
tools to touch a woman in a beautiful way so much so that your
communications with her are able to take place on a whole
different level.

I have been on the list for seven years Thank you for
helping me provide the women I have come across with such a
beautiful gift!!!

Sean Morris, Los Angeles, CA

Sean, thank you. It’s great to see when someone finds some
true happiness, using the tools I’ve provided them. By the way,
the “list” Sean is speaking of is the Speed Seduction® yahoo
groups list, for Home Study Course owners only. We now have
close to 2,000 students, worldwide, forming a 24 hour community
to help with questions, challenges and to share successes! So
get your Home Study Course at: and join the
community today! YOU ARE NOT ALONE ANYMORE!

‘Til next time,

Peace and piece,


This newsletter, and all of its contents are copyright
2004, Ross Jeffries. However this newsletter may be
reprinted and re-used in any format, without prior
consent, provided all content, including all links,
are kept intact, proper credit for authorship is given,
and the newsletter is given for free, without charge.

Friday, January 7, 2011

3 Killer Tips To Triple Your Seduction Success

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Believe it or not, your old pal Ross actually has his
critics. People who don't like me..People who think I
shouldn't be teaching you what I'm teaching. One of the
things I hear most often from these morons is something
along the likes of, "C'mon now, Ross. What you're talking
about couldn't possibly work. In fact, it sounds like

Now, I don't really care what these pinheads think. But
I am concerned that YOU, dear reader, understand what Speed
Seduction® is all about. And it certainly ISN'T magic.

Now, don't get me wrong. If you're like some of my
clients when they are first starting out, without having
been intimate with a woman for years and then suddenly you
are enjoying 2, 3 even 4 hot women at a time, , it might
seem like magic.

In fact, Speed Seduction(R) is mechanics.

That means it requires a certain sequence, set of
circumstances and applications in order for it to work.
Within that framework, it's massively powerful, but that
framework still has to be there.

Just like a super-charged, perfectly tuned, 450
horsepower, V-8 engine won't run without the oxygen to burn
the fuel, Speed Seduction only works when there are certain
necessary conditions.

Thankfully those conditions have nothing whatsoever to
do with your looks, age, money, social status or other
"externals" outside of your control. In this issue, I'm
going to review what those conditions are, and how you can
use all this to massively increase the quantity and quality
of your babe hunting.

Condition One:You've Got To Be In The Right Frame Of

As I've said time and again, the patterns I teach are
NOT just another high tech way to beg you into some girl's
pants. If you view them like this, then, even if you
deliver them flawlessly from a technical standpoint, you
are still going to get nowhere because your weak-ass,
piss-ant, puss-wimp attitude will.......

... ...Totally Annihilate The Emotional States You Are
Attempting To Create In Your Subject! (

How does this self-defeating process take place?

As I have said time and again, in any area of life, if
you are coming from a place of hunger, or need, or
desperately trying to prove to yourself that you can win
again, then you almost certainly guaranteed to fail. You'll
simply push away the very thing you want and get locked
into a self-perpetuating "defeat-cycle" that gets you

If you want to be hilariously successful with Speed
Seduction, then you must realize that the patterns aren't
about begging. They certainly aren't about tricking or

No, sir, the patterns are about being able to create
such incredible states of pleasure and fun and highs for
her that no one else can, such that she really WANTS to
give you her sexual goodies. They're about creating states
for her that no one else can.

Viewed like this, that incredible babe you want to bed
isn't someone you need to fear. She's someone who's about
to receive an incredible gift from you, a gift she might
continue to receive IF she's smart enough and hot enough
and sexy enough to give you what it takes to keep YOU
coming back for more.

Just imagine the difference when you can look at a
honey-pie and honestly think to yourself, "How good can
this woman stand to feel? Let's go have fun and find out!".

Speaking of fun, another big part of being in the right
frame of mind to make SS work is refusing to take it

By that, I mean you take the attitude that you are
experimenting, having fun, and if what you do doesn't work,
you've simply polished your skills and learned something

Let me illustrate this by telling you about one of my
favorite students, David W. David is, to put it charitably,
unattractive. He's 6 foot, 270 pounds, dresses like slob on
his best days, and on a scale of one to 10, 10 being a
Greek god, he's a 3.

David also happens to be sleeping with four gorgeous
women, all of whom are either aerobics instructors or

What made this success possible? Well to quote him, "I
thought to myself, hey, since this isn't going to work, I
might as well pick the best looking women in the gym for it
to fail on and see what happens".

Because he didn't need to make it work, and took a
relaxed, experimental attitude, he got out of his own way
and is now the envy of his friends, who still don't believe
him when he told them about my stuff. (

Condition Two: Sufficient Time To Speak With Your
Subject To Run A Minimum Of Two (Preferably Three) Patterns
On Her.

As I'm fond of saying, a lone pattern, by itself, is
like a lone piranha; nasty, but hardly deadly. To be
effective, patterns have to be run in sequences, and I
strongly prefer to stick in a minimum of three.

Can you do patterns strung out over a period of time if
you really don't have much of a chance to talk to a woman?
Sure...but your effectiveness goes WAY down.

Look at it like this; in a boxing match you could land
one solid punch per round, for fifteen rounds, but it's
much more effective to slam the guy with the fifteen
punches one after another.

Condition Three: Enough Flexibility To Get The Initial
Entryway Into Her Neurology

When you start running patterns on a woman, the point
is to find that initial entry into her neurology that
lights her up and gets a strong response.

Sometimes this requires you to cycle through a few
approaches. As an example, I was having dinner with a
friend who I hadn't seen in some time, and I was explaining
to him how SS works. Rather than continue to try to
explain, I decided to demonstrate on our tasty little
waitress. I started out by telling her that I had an
intuition about her, that she was a very visual person.

What was her response? Just about zero. She showed NO
interest and no response. Obviously, appealing to her
visual imagination was not the doorway into her mind.

I then moved to another favorite ploy and allowed her
to "overhear" my staged conversation with my friend,
wherein I talked to him about how women select men for
different roles, but no man can give everything a woman
needs. (This will often get them talking if they have a
boyfriend and aren't happy with him, which is pretty damn

Again, zero response. Zip. Nada. By this time, my old
friend was looking more and more skeptical. Did old Ross
give up...just pack it in and quit? Not on your life,

Next time she came by the table I mentioned the fact
that I had just been reading an article about how men and
women connect with each other. (I was trying to get in here
using the emotional doorway). No luck with this approach
either; perhaps she just didn't know how to read and was
embarrassed by the fact.

How I Changed My “Strategy” To Get Into Her Mind

So by this time, I figured it was time to switch
strategies. Leaning back in my chair, I looked at her
across the restaurant, turned on my intuition and asked
myself, "What can I notice about her that has to be true
that I can use to make a connection?"

What I noticed in this poor, overworked food-server's
case is that she looked tired as hell. So next time she
came by the table I said, "You know, you sure look like you
could use a vacation. If you could imagine your ideal
vacation spot, what would it be like?"

Well, mercy's sake, wouldn't you know that at that
point she dropped straight into trance and begin to imagine
her day on the perfect beach, soaking up the sun, feeling
the warm water and the cool breeze? Of course, from there,
I went straight into the bl*w job pattern, talking about
how interesting it was to me how people connect with their
fantasies and desires and day dreams and about how I was
just reading an article about the difference between
compulsions and anticipation... Did she respond strongly to


To find out how YOU can capture and lead a woman’s
imagination, find a doorway deep into her mind, and get her
hot for you in minutes, just go to: and read all
about the amazing Home Study Course

Only with a super-doggie dinner bowl look that my
Dalmatians couldn't have produced during a hunger strike!
(My Dalmatians would NEVER have gone on a hunger strike!)

Now what is the point of this story? Just that I
wouldn't have been able to do this if I didn't have the
ability/flexibility to keep right on going when the first
three approaches I tried fell flatter than a pre-pubescent
girl's chest.

So look; if you're having some trouble with your Speed
Seduction skills, chances are it's due to a problem with
one of these vital conditions. Pull yourself up short, take
a breather and re-assess what you've been doing. If you've
been putting yourself in situations that are stacked
against you, (e.g., the girl's always too busy to talk, or
your attitude is just plain off) re-arrange things so the
odds are more in your favor. You'll find SS still yields
results for you light-years beyond anything else out there.

After all, David W. has only been able to figure out
how to make it work for him in the gym. He still can't pick
up a girl on the street to save his life. But with four
firm, young, perfect-bodied athletic women to console him I
don't feel too sorry for him. Go thou and do likewise.

‘Til next time,

Piece and Peace,


This newsletter, and all of its contents are copyright
2004, Ross Jeffries. However this newsletter may be
reprinted and re-used in any format, without prior
consent, provided all content, including all links,
are kept intact, proper credit for authorship is given,
and the newsletter is given for free, without charge.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wimps Into Winners: How To Pass A Woman's B.S. Tests And Win Her Over, Hard!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

There's a common saying in street fighting that 95% of all
real fights wind up in a clinch and go to the ground. Could that
really be true? Frankly, I don't know. But I will say this: 95%
of the time, a woman will test you by the second date, or
sooner, to see:

1. If you'll take her bullshit.

2. How hungry you are for her attention (remember: those who
look hungry, never get fed)

3. Just how much control she can exert over you and/or the

In this issue, I'd like to talk about how you can pass those
tests, and how to do some testing of your own. Believe me, this
is important. If you've ever been dumped for being "too nice",
or have been told, time and again, "let's just be friends", it's
because you haven't learned to recognize when you're being
tested or just haven't yet learned how to properly respond. You
thought you would get points for being "co-operative" and
"helpful", and instead you just got the fuzzy end of the

Why She Tests You: The Search For Strength And Certainty

Look: one of the primary things that women are looking for
from a man is security; the feeling that someone is stronger
than they are. When you put a woman in her place, when you set
rules and boundaries for her to follow, it lets her know she can
relax around you and feel comfortable and secure. This search
for strength is the single most important reason why she tests
you. The other factor is ambivalence, or what I call the "make
up my mind for me" syndrome.

You see, the sad reality is that often a woman just isn't
that interested in you one way or another. Maybe you aren't
exactly the physical type she goes for, maybe she just got
burned in a bad relationship, or there's some unseen competitor
who she's waiting to hear from. What ever her reasons, you can
tell this is happening when you hear something like, "Uh...well,
I'd like to go out with you Friday, but why don't you call me
late Friday afternoon and I'll let you know for sure?"

Finally, there is the fact that sometimes, modern women just
get overwhelmed with eighty billion things they are trying to do
at once. And, when overwhelmed, they flake on commitments that
occur during the peak of the overwhelm.

How To Handle It…Dealing From A Position Of Strength

To get back to street fighting analogies, there's a concept
from Jeet Kun Do, the fighting style of the late, great Bruce
Lee that basically says that any weapon thrust your way, as part
of an attack is just a convenient target to be destroyed. Coming
from this perspective, an attack, rather than something to be
feared, is just an unprecedented opportunity to.... KICK THE

Just so, a woman's bullshit and tests are great
opportunities to establish respect and dramatically increase her
interest in you. In other words, your response to these tests,
instead of being, "Oh no.…why is she doing this? What did I do
wrong?", from now on will be.... AH, HAH! A RESPECT

Look: your attitude has to be that every rude piece of
behavior, every silly test of hers is just an unprecedented
opportunity for you to establish respect, increase her interest,
and intensify her desire to please you. Taken from this
perspective, you'll be mentally prepared, and may even find
yourself actually looking forward to her trying to pull shit,
since you know it's your chance to get her really hot for
you!!!! Now, before we go on to some specific scenarios, let me
add one other thing: when you do put her in her place. ...


In other words, the macho idiot who loses control and
trashes the place when his girlfriend comes home ten minutes
late is definitely not the example to follow. All he's doing is
showing he can't control himself and he just earns the woman's
contempt. Notice I'm not saying you can't or shouldn't get a
little pissed. Just don't go nutso with a stream of obscenities.
(Streams of obscenities are for afterward, when you are in bed
with her.)

The other thing that doesn't work is acting like a hurt
little boy. Whining stuff like, "How could you do this to me?"
or, "But you promised!" won't cut it, good buddy. No. You have
to come from the calm, but firm "take it or leave it" position.
This is all part of displaying the critically important.........


You see, after years of experience and study, I've come to
the conclusion that a woman can only experience real passion for
you if on some level she believes she could do something to lose
you! Understand that when you show this willingness to walk
away, in any area of your life, it conveys the message that you
are the prize to be pursued, that you are the person of value,
and they had better take advantage of the opportunity. This is
an attitude that will move you forward in any area that's
challenging you.

By way of contrast, if you show a non-stop, forever and ever
devotion to her, and put up with her crap and ambivalence, then
where is that tension of knowing she could lose you? Answer:
nowhere! And that's why you get nowhere when you put up with
this kind of stuff! If you've seen an initially hot relationship
grow ice-cold, this is one big reason!!! Ok. On to some

Scenario one: You call to ask her out for the first time.
Her response is ambivalent, something like, "Well, I'd like to
but, why don't you call me later in the week and...." Here's
your response: "Let me ask you a question, point blank. Is going
out with me something you can take or leave or is it something
that you're smart enough that you really want to do that?" Then
shut the hell up and listen for her answer.

Now, what are you doing here? You're calling her on her
ambivalence and letting her know you don't have time to be put
on hold. And you're also suggesting she's stupid if she doesn't
grab this opportunity.

Finally, you're embedding a command (about which much more
later in other issues of this newsletter) that she really does
want to go out with you. Will this work? Very often it does.
It's not what she's expecting, and that always gets attention.
Just be as matter of fact and non-hostile as you can.
Understatement works best with this one. What if she still
hesitates? Well, say this one: You: Look. You have my number,
and I'm going to leave it up to you. And you know, if you don't
call it's going to be a loss for me, but maybe what you won't
realize until after you hang up is, that it'll be a loss for you
as well. Ok? Bye.

Scenario Two: She calls and cancels at the last minute
without offering to do it again at some specific time. (I've
heard every excuse in the book, my friend, from "My parakeet is
sick" to "I've got to shampoo the rug". Seriously)

Her: I can't make it. I've got a rare tropical disease
that's causing me to shrink by the hour.

You:(dead silence for as long as it takes for her to talk
again. Just say NOTHING!!!)

Her: Hello? Are you there? What's wrong?

You: What's wrong is I can't believe the bullshit I'm

Her: What?????

You: made a commitment to spend time with me and
now you're blowing me off. You're disrespecting me and
disrespecting my time and I'm NOT going to put up with it. My
rule is, if someone makes a commitment to me, I expect them to
keep it. If they can't keep it, I need to know at least a day in
advance so I can make other plans. Got it? If you can live with
that rule, great...if not, sayonara!

Then, HANG UP!! Now, this may sound extreme, but man does it
work well!!! In fact, she'll probably call back with five
minutes and apologize and ask you out!!! I'm not kidding here;
I've seen the hardest, jaded bitches go to giggly little girls,
eager to please me when I've done this. It throws some kind of
switch in their heads. I guess with some people, you don't
really get their attention until...

You Give Them A Swift Kick In The Ass!!

Please note, I’m speaking of an attitude. I am NOT talking
about or in any way suggesting or condoning physical violence
with a woman. In fact, I am against the use or threat of the use
of violence or force against ANY human being, unless there is an
imminent threat of violence against yourself or a loved one. I
can’t make this too clear. I’m talking about using your mind,
NOT your fists.

Scenario Three: You go to pick her up at her place and she
either keeps you waiting outside for more than ten minutes, or
lets you in and then proceeds to talk on the phone for at least
that long while totally ignoring you. Wait for her to finish,
and as soon as she does say something like this:

YOU: Can I ask you a question?

HER: Sure.

YOU: Are you being intentionally rude to test me, or are you
just accidentally acting clueless?

HER:(mouth dropping open in shock, unable to say anything!)

YOU: Don't ever keep me waiting like this again, ok? I'll
always treat you respectfully, but I expect the same. Do you
understand me?

HER: Uh..uh...yes.

The point is this: when women throw this stuff your way, you
want to do the unexpected. Don’t put up with it, like a “nice
guy” and don’t lose your temper like a jerk. Walk a middle
ground of strength, self-control AND self-respect, and these
tests will become opportunities to power her straight into your

And that certainly beats a poke in the eye, doesn’t it?

‘Til next time,

Piece and peace


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